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    Hello, everybody! This is an update for the authors and supporters of The Future We Deserve.

    The book is going very well.

    • We’ve raised 70%80%88% 101% – $2017 – of the $2000 we need to do the book. We have raised the money to do the book!. Feel free to donate additional funds, but we now have the core funding. Thank you very much to all of our donors. Really, really so pleased :-)
    • We have 71 authors signed up, some doing more than one piece. We could use a fair number of additional authors, but I’m sure people will keep showing up!
    • About 1/4 of the material is in, 26 pieces so far and the pieces are inspiring and powerful.

    The “first deadline” is September 15th – a month from now – and October 1st is the hard deadline for the book.

    So please get writing, and I’ll be sending out periodic reminders. If you can, please get your material in early so that we can really get the conversations about the book going as the process unfolds. 26 pieces so far is a great start, but it would be great to have half the book in place by the end of this month!

    The blogathon features pieces from the book:

    If you have time time, please pick a piece from the pieces submitted so far, run it on your blog, and add your thoughts on the piece. It’s a really good way to showcase the book and the ideas in it.

    We’re well on track, well done, and thank you for all of your help!

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    Vinay Gupta is a consultant on disaster relief and risk management.


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    3. September 1, 2010 at 5:04 am

      I’d love to take part in this but need help: I’ve come across the site ‘by chance’ (via twitter) and will lose it amongst a heavy list of priorities without the encouragement of receiving an e-mail. With it – I’ll get 500 words in by Sept 15th. I’ve been following several of the contributors (Vijay, Dugald, BBCdaren etc) for some months.
      One comment: at present, contributions are heavily male. Polly Higgins, Julia Forster, maybe Nevine Nasser would be good.
      Please get in touch – and, if not, I look forward to coming across the book later.

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