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    A little insight into the Gupta Doctrine

    by  • June 30, 2014 • Everything Else • 0 Comments

    In reply to a question on “on Moonshots and Slingshots” ====== Jelle, I have a very conservative vision for global change. My vision, really, goes as far as six or maybe eight machines which everybody on earth has access to: a smokeless cooking stove, a water filter, a solar powered light, a tablet computer, shelter/clothing [...]

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    Gotta find a place to live…

    by  • April 25, 2014 • Everything Else • 0 Comments

    Seems like just yesterday when I was looking for a sublet in December.. and Twitter came through and found me lovely digs! Moved into my new place in February expecting to be here for a year, starting beginning of the financial year, and unfortunately the folks I’m renting from decided they’d rather have a live-in [...]

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    Loomio – tooling for small scale democratic management of organizations

    by  • April 8, 2014 • Everything Else • 1 Comment

    Start by watching this or just, you know, click here to crowdfund. Story in a nutshell: Loomio are a team from New Zealand Occupy (the shire!) who noticed that face-to-face consensus processes were dominated by participation inequality as socially difficult, hard-to-listen-to people coopted the democratic process to talk about the price of octopus, or similarly [...]

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    Configuring Ubuntu 13.10 to work with the IBM Model M keyboard without a Windows Key / Super Key

    by  • March 15, 2014 • Everything Else • 0 Comments

    Excuse the long title, it’s to help people search for this post – took me ages to find out how to make this work. 1) Download gnome-tweak-tool 2) Under the “typing” option 3) Set CAPS-LOCK as additional super key Done. Everything works just fine, it’s lovely. Still not sure about the keyboard, it sounds like [...]

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    Couple of thoughts

    by  • March 7, 2014 • Everything Else • 1 Comment

    (I should be asleep, but I can’t quite get rolled over) I’m really enjoying writing software again. It’s a strain and a challenge, it’s who I used to be, and I’m damn good at it, in my way. I am going to have the luxury of actually writing a lot of code this year, and [...]

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    Governing Bitcoin: what the future holds for our favourite currency

    by  • February 2, 2014 • Everything Else • 0 Comments

    My Bitcoin Expo London talk – now with subtitles. Lucas Gonzalez and I did a transcript and subtitles. Talk covers bitcoin, its competitors, governance, the future, resilience to change, the hexayurt project, and living in a nine billion person world. Key section: the last question gets into whether bitcoin is an Anarchist or a Libertarian [...]

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    Change Tears and Shear Planes: WSA talk

    by  • November 27, 2013 • Everything Else • 2 Comments

    Vinay Gupta, Change Tears and Shear Planes… how technology is splitting society, and leaving us indecisive from WSA Global Futures on Vimeo. The talk is in three parts: the hexayurt story (with a bit more about materials science than I usually do), followed by tug-of-war trying to break a nanomaterial cable (“string”) and a discussion [...]

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    Gender and sexuality in Hindu tantra

    by  • October 1, 2013 • Everything Else • 0 Comments

    A couple of people have asked me recently to describe the model of gender/sexuality/etc. which I was exposed to through my 1990s spiritual practice as a Hindu tantric. It is as follows. The human can be divided (for this purpose) into four layers: absolute consciousness, core spiritual identity, position within a lifetime, and physical body. [...]

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