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    I’ve recently been asked to do a little miniconsulting – thin slice Skype video call consultancy on strategic issues for a company I used to do quite a lot of consulting for. You call me, we talk about what you need to talk about.

    Here’s how it works. You arrange a time to talk to me by dropping me an email. The first call is £1/minute after which we can agree a most realistic ongoing consulting rate if you are finding my unique perspective enlightening.

    I’ve also recently decided to experiment with curating a store. I spend a lot of time thinking about technology and following trends, and I’m legendary as a collector of odd little technical gadgets which are in their own way amazing (“have you seen this whistle?”). The initial store has two sections: Electronics and Outdoor. You can also see the store transcluded below.

    There are a few things I could not find on Amazon. The Sleepbreeze Personal Cooler which is a ducted-fan gadget-looking thing which is by far the most effective cooling device I’ve ever owned. It was designed by an MOD biophysicist. Don’t face summer (or Burning Man!) without it. Equally summery, the carbon fiber umbrella, large and small. Then there’s soap good enough to make you question capitalism. Or you could consider the absolutely tiny 1AA battery 100 lumen flashlight which is imported in quantities of one from the savviest retailer in the world, for £10. But, mainly, I couldn’t figure out how to explain why these items and not the hundred million others in the supply chain. I guess that’s going to take some time to learn how to communicate. Enjoy!

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