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    The Future We Deserve is my attempt to mobilize more people towards creating the future we deserve. I want to find a community to discuss and learn about other perspectives on the future. My hope is that out of that conversation might come new ways of actually creating these positive futures.

    What might that look like?

    Typically positive future creation projects face four big challenges.

    1. articulating the vision so people understand the idea
    2. finding the right people together to catalyze the idea
    3. building the resources to demonstrate the idea
    4. overcoming structural obstacles to making the idea real

    The actual book, The Future We Deserve is about step one: articulating the vision. I wanted to see a community of practice form around how we communicate our visions of the positive future effectively.

    My hope is that step one will naturally turn into step two: finding the people. As we get to know each person and their vision, natural areas of cooperation emerge. You know something that can help me move my vision forwards. I have some skills you need to polish an idea.

    Step three is building the resources. Interestingly, we have some people in @theFWD community who are quite skilled at getting ambitious and creative projects funded by central government. Others are crowdfunding basic research on vital systems engineering. Learning from those examples and doing skill transfer to try and get more of these visions realized.

    My whole vision on The Future We Deserve is trying to build a “future accelerator” to move us towards the positive futures in a cooperative way. I feel that the book is a small, concrete and positive step in building shared understanding among motivated people.

    We are making good progress on the book. Fundraising is a bit tight, but we have a quarter of the material in, and it is excellent. I hope you’ll help us get to The Future We Deserve.

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    Vinay Gupta is a consultant on disaster relief and risk management.


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