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    Surviving “The Event”

    by  • February 20, 2012 • Everything Else • 0 Comments

    Click here if your browser doesn’t support HTML5 video I’ve had a really good time the last two weekends attending The Event Leila Johnston’s talk series on absolutely catastrophic risks (think cosmic rays, supervolcanos and worse.) I did a talk called complexity kills on understanding risk and Simple Critical Infrastructure Maps. Download the talk, slides [...]

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    On Un-Designing the Cryptographic Utopia

    by  • February 4, 2012 • Everything Else • 2 Comments

    Utopia. No-place. We can and must do better than this. Because the Media are owned by Corporations who we wish to Police using the power of the State which they have Suborned using the gutter press and requiring political advertising in elections. Because the Internet Service Providers are Tightly Aligned with Copyright Holders who are [...]

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