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    Interesting article on non-profit culture

    by  • December 26, 2007 • Hexayurt • 0 Comments

    So let’s talk about your impossible dream. You need some miracles. Good luck with that. But I can give you, as a 10-year veteran, my five counter-intuitive and probably immoral success secrets. 1. Self promote 2. Steal 3. Don’t Lie 4. Hate your enemies, but love your rivals. 5. Do less. http://www.10zenmonkeys.com/2007/12/25/miracles/

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    Energy efficiency catching on in Russia

    by  • December 23, 2007 • The Global Picture • 0 Comments

    Russian Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov says about one third of all energy used in Russia is either wasted or used inefficiently. He now proposes extensive energy-saving measures. The premier says the energy demands of the Russian GDP are almost two times higher than the world average. He now calls for the introduction of new technology [...]

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    Feynman: Slacker Lord

    by  • December 22, 2007 • Trivia and Media • 0 Comments

    One thing about Feynman is that he went to some trouble to arrange his life so that he wasn’t particularly busy–and so he could just work on what he felt like. Usually he had a good supply of problems. Though sometimes his long-time assistant would say: “You should go and talk to him. Or he’s [...]

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    On IQ

    by  • December 22, 2007 • Hexayurt • 1 Comment

    At PARC we had a slogan: “Point of view is worth 80 IQ points.” It was based on a few things from the past like how smart you had to be in Roman times to multiply two numbers together; only geniuses did it. We haven’t gotten any smarter, we’ve just changed our representation system. We [...]

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    gotcha: Propertopians

    by  • December 22, 2007 • Personal • 0 Comments

    Libertarians are often called Libertopians. The Icelanders (Smari and Herbert) call Libertarians “Propertarians” because, well, a lot of ‘em confuse property rights with liberty. Seems to me the comboword is Propertopians. Dunno if it’s a good word or not, but there it is.

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    Lakotastan: Lakota reassert their independence from America

    by  • December 20, 2007 • The Global Picture • 0 Comments

    http://afp.google.com/article/ALeqM5iVC1KMTOgwiSoMQyT2LwZc9HyAgA The Lakota Indians, who gave the world legendary warriors Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse, have withdrawn from treaties with the United States, leaders said Wednesday. “We are no longer citizens of the United States of America and all those who live in the five-state area that encompasses our country are free to join us,” [...]

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    Chat transcript – why content management systems suck – and SVG wins in the end.

    by  • December 16, 2007 • Trivia and Media • 0 Comments

    but if you want to know what’s wrong with WC3 etc it’s that XML-based vision it’s like the very plague. it’s *elegant* but it’s also *wrong* because it’s *functional* and not procedural people think in procedures and can be trained to think in objects but the idea of applying an XPATH query, which is actually [...]

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    Thinking through Pandemic Flu issues

    by  • December 16, 2007 • The Global Picture • 0 Comments

    (a summary of my thinking on more general pandemic flu issues, prior to me producing a simple introductory guide, to be dropped into the public domain in an editable format for better heads than mine, with more domain knowledge, to hack on.) http://www.retrotogo.com/2006/06/keep_calm_warti.html Start with this link. So, I’m aiming for a five or a [...]

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