• Water Carrying Backpack with Purification – Thirst – Six Ways To Die Workshop (Formens Hus) – Final Presentation

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    Thirst – Six Ways To Die Workshop (Formens Hus) – Final Presentation

    Final report from the week-long “Six Ways To Die” workshop.


    The backpack is designed to carry water in the period immediately after a disaster, before regular water services can be restored or even before water trucks can start to bring in water (such as before roads are cleared after an earthquake.) The backpack can carry up to 25 liters and includes water purification tablets (chlorine) and tablets to remove chlorine after-taste (vitamin C.) The interior water bag can be replaced if it becomes damaged, or the exterior carrying backpack can be used for other purposes. Users would walk to surface water or other sources, fill the bag and add purification tablets, then hang it where they are living. The system has two taps, one for hand washing (timed release of water) and one standard tap for drinking and cooking purposes.

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    Vinay Gupta is a consultant on disaster relief and risk management.


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