• The Winchester School of Art / The Future We Deserve Talk & Dialogue

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    Nick Stewart invited me to the Winchester School of Art to do a talk on The Future We Deserve, and to do a panel discussion with him afterwards. I think you’ll agree we had a fascinating time. I’m very pleased with this video because at last there’s a coherent explanation of the models behind The Future We Deserve and where I thought I was going at the beginning, but it’s taken me this long to articulate what’s wrong with global governance, and what I think that ordinary people can do while waiting for coherence on climate, poverty and all the other big problems from The Powers That Be. It’s a constructive, evolutionary ethic about global change.


    PS: Winchester School of Art presentation slides are here.

    Profound thanks to Mark O’ CĂșlar for making this video possible. I could not have got it online without him.

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