• The Hell Yes Future #HellYesFuture

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    Three examples of the #HellYesFuture

    We’re really getting to the good part, the SF stuff we’ve waited on for decades, wondering if it would ever come.

    Answer: yes.

    ============== Let’s Go To Mars ==============

    “I see us going to Mars in about 10-11 years.”

    As in a spacecraft with people? People who might want to come back?

    “Yeah. And in a really big spaceship, not a little thing. The Dragon spacecraft is quite a little thing.”

    So, how big a Mars base is he thinking?

    “A city. Millions of people.”

    It’s hard to know what to think when someone who probably does have enough money to fly to Mars talks about actually doing that. The idea that he could help propel humanity to the stars is also helpful in justifying Musk’s vast wealth.

    “Yeah, sure, okay. Mostly what I would use it for is building a base on Mars. Because there’s an initial cost to establish the essential infrastructure that’s quite high, and you don’t have an immediate return, because you can’t charge people a billion dollars each to go there. So you’ve got to carry it to the point at which someone can sell their house on Earth, move to Mars and get a job – at that point, I think it becomes a self-sustaining business. It’s analogous, I think, to the establishment of the English colonies in America.”

    ========== Clean Water For The Whole World =============


    Water Purifier viral Sawyer Point ZeroTWO is the first portable filtration device that removes viruses mechanically. It has a removal rate of 0.02 micron absolute with a record rate of 5.5 log (99.9997%), the highest level of filtration available today.

    This small and light kit filter can provide up to 170 liters of drinking water per day for hospital, camp, etc. It is guaranteed for at least 100,000 gallons of operation, or enough for an average family for several decades.

    It is $120.


    =========== Education for All on the £15 / $25 smart phone ==============


    Mozilla, the organisation behind the Firefox browser, has announced it will start selling low-cost smartphones in India within the “next few months”.

    Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, the firm’s chief operating officer suggested the handsets, which will be manufactured by two Indian companies, would retail at $25 (£15).

    They will run Mozilla’s HTML5 web-based mobile operating system, Firefox OS.


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