• Phase Change Blanket – Cold (non-shelter) – Six Ways To Die Workshop (Formens Hus) – Final Presentation

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    Hunger – Six Ways To Die Workshop (Formens Hus) – Final Presentation

    Final report from the week-long “Six Ways To Die” workshop.


    This team envisaged a PCM (Phase Change Material http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phase_Change_Material) blanket which would absorb heat from the sun in the day, and release the stored heat slowly at night to keep users warm. It could also be “charged” with heat from other sources like a fire.

    Surprisingly, the blankets could cost as little as 20 EUR each, about two or three times what standard woolen blankets cost, and could keep people warm for seven or eight hours under typical use conditions.

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    Vinay Gupta is a consultant on disaster relief and risk management.


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