• Maker / Culture. New talks on Wednesday 17th of September, 2014 at @MakersCAFE London

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    Maker / Culture
    Wednesday 17th of September, 2014 at @MakersCAFE London


    Examining the fertile borders where the Makers touch the world

    The team that brought you TRUTHANDBEAUTY at Hub Westminster and Big Picture Days at Limewharf is delighted to present a new event at MakersCAFE, a new fabrication venue in the heart of Shoreditch.

    The Maker / Culture night will present different views, experiences and stories of places where Maker culture comes into contact with other movements, cultures and pools of capability. The talks will pack a lot into a single night, so expect an evening that will enlightened and entertain.

    Our speakers are

    6:30PM Leo Dearden: Maker / Fashion
    Leo is a designer, 3D printer engineer and software engineer working on new generation printer technologies which have particular application to making clothing, soft furnishings and other body-contact materials. He’ll give a tour of the current state of the art, and discuss the future of Makers and fashion.

    7:30PM Vinay Gupta: Maker / Aid
    Vinay is the designer of the hexayurt, a refugee shelter design which has escaped into Burning Man and become an integral part of life on the playa. He’ll talk about rapid prototyping, cultures of experiment and failure, and how empowering people through design and prototyping can change the world ™.

    8:30 PM Jay Cousins: Maker / Analogue
    Jay is the catalyst behind innovative Maker projects like MakerPlatz in Berlin and ICECAIRO in Egypt. He is a designer, but most particularly he is an activist looking to find political empowerment through people being able to make their visions of a better world real as built artefacts. Jay will be talking about Digital and Analogue cultures, conflict and collaboration.

    Each talk will last for about half an hour, leaving space for discussion and drinks between sessions.

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    Vinay Gupta is a consultant on disaster relief and risk management.


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