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    Ian Willey, Vinay Gupta, Design Science Revolution shirt

    Buckminster Fuller - Design Science RevolutionaryThis fine object is the Buckminster Fuller – Design Science Revolutionary shirt by the good Ian Willey. It’s an absolutely lovely design, and I wear mine with pride. Buy one here, or buy one here if you’re in America.

    The whole process of working with Ian has been a bit mindblowing, really. I’m really a word guy. When I worked on the web, I used to say to graphic designers who were showing me concepts “I’m a programmer – if I like it, it’s almost certainly not the right one!” and I’ve kinda carried that attitude with me. Projects like Simple Critical Infrastructure Maps have design features, and I’ve gotten a long way on my ability to hack up hexayurts in sketchup, but this is all “advanced whiteboarding” really.

    So Ian’s also got a Nuclear Poker deck coming. I cooked the game a few years ago as a print-and-play and did nothing with it. Ian made a prototype deck which is chillingly beautiful, and… suddenly it’s a game.

    I, for one, welcome our new Artist Overlords. Somehow, when things are right, when things are beautiful, they become real.

    Ian has, as you might expect, quite a wide range of projects. He’s mostly working in software for music education, and games. Check out his work!

    Ian Willey's Projects

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    Vinay Gupta is a consultant on disaster relief and risk management.


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