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    I moved to Cloughjordan, Ireland, to help with an ecovillage project here. You can find links and the start of a resource map at that link.

    There’s also this excellent map. Click the picture, then click “SATELLITE” on the tab which opens, and you can click on the houses and land features to see pictures.

    Took a morning to do, using a methodology which I’ll document in detail tomorrow.

    I’ve rebooted Global Swadeshi – we have two or three new threads there, including Cloughjordan, a research project on using the hexayurt in America, and the soon-to-be-infamous Transylvanian Gypsies Hexayurt Project. I’m having a really hard time getting my head around this but it’s probably the most exciting thing to happen hexayurt-wise in quite some time, because it’s an impoverished, excluded rural population in europe with locals (Gabriel) who are asking for help. These are exactly the kind of conditions which a new approach to aid could be tested in without putting anybody’s life at risk, so I’m eager to see how the team to work on this one forms and behaves.

    I’m now working two or three days a week on finishing The Future We Deserve and managed to spend the entire day today staring at wiki pages wondering how the hell I’m going to do this justice. First the paralysis, then the genius, right?

    This is what you pay me for. ;)

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    Vinay Gupta is a consultant on disaster relief and risk management.


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