• 15 Aphorisms on Spiritual Politics

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    1. Spiritual Politics is the art of the impossible. India, South Africa, America.

    2. Spiritual Politics will cost you your life, metaphorically and in many cases literally.

    3. If you have any choice in the matter, you have not passed.

    4. The spiritual politician is both all powerful (as god) and powerless (before all others, who are god.) (or Buddhas)

    5. You cannot hope for better people. They came as far as they have come to be who and what they pleased to be. As it must be.

    6. There is no hope. There is only hope. Every future you imagine is possible, but the law of large numbers applies.

    7. There is no path beyond do what you will. It is the repeated choice to do it which results in transcendence.

    8. What you have transcended is only your own uniform.

    9. Naked you stand as a civilian, beyond all conditioned roles, in the middle of a grand play of madness and excess. Behold!

    10. To impose sanity is madness. To participate in the madness is insanity. You cannot choose to be it or not.

    11. To every person you inhabit a role. You cannot choose how others perceive you, only what you say and do. They do not dig it, man.

    12. I wanted to be free. Freed I saw the world in chains. They who were chained held their own keys without exception.

    13. If you cannot accept a thing, you have not understood it. If you have certitude about others, you have no basis.

    14. To demonstrate a possibility is acceptable. You are free to do as you please, and others may choose the same. Be the change, who follows?

    15. Between T. E. Lawrence and Gandhi there is a middle ground, of the exceptional ones who led the people to a freedom. But you cannot lead a different people in the same path. The people do not unify until the last alternative way has been disproved.

    ===== 2010 addenda =====

    This is not part of the 15 aphorisms.

    1. you are not expected to understand.

    2. annealing occurs across all scales and is a vital process to grasp.

    3. I learned these things by failure. I have not succeeded nor did I expect to.

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