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    The Institute for Collapsonomics Flu Code Mural

    by  • May 9, 2009 • Flu • 0 Comments

    (click the picture or here to see it full size!) A quorate majority of the Institute for Collapsonomics (known as the IfC in casual speech) passed this Flu Code themed mural today. We were somewhat surprised to see the IfC-like logo on it. Sometimes the universe is a stranger and more wonderful place that we [...]

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    Simple Subscriptions

    by  • May 4, 2009 • Personal • 0 Comments

    Kai was bitching about paying for web sites earlier on today. Somewhere in my foggy brain a thought emerged: well, if it was a buck a year, would that be easier? Here’s sort of what I’m thinking. Let there be a site, SimpleSubscriptions. This site takes money in $20 lumps – nothing smaller – to [...]

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    Panflu scare conclusions.

    by  • May 4, 2009 • Flu • 0 Comments

    Three points. 1> Initial reports from Mexico were of a potentially civilization-threatening flu: infectious as hell, killing one in twelve of those it infected. 2> Response to that threat was lax: school closures were slow, testing / masks / etc. at airports didn’t happen. 3> Complacency is not warranted because of bad data. As I’ve [...]

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