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    Gupta’s Law of Network Politics

    by  • April 5, 2009 • Personal • 3 Comments

    In a networked environment, the person who knows what to do next is in charge. Because, in a networked environment, everybody can propose action. Hierarchies using the network experience dissonance at the point where the feed coming off the network proposes a better plan than the feed coming off the hierarchy. There’s a counterlaw about [...]

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    why it’s not resilience.

    by  • April 4, 2009 • The Global Picture • 8 Comments

    Everybody loves resilience. It’s a calm, reassuringly solid word. Resilience, n. 1. The ability to recover quickly from illness, change, or misfortune; buoyancy. 2. The property of a material that enables it to resume its original shape or position after being bent, stretched, or compressed; elasticity. The problem is we are not ever going to [...]

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    Mamading Ceesay on Economies of Agility

    by  • April 3, 2009 • The Global Picture • 0 Comments

    One late night in Soho, Mamading invented the phrase “economies of agility.” I thought it was brilliant and encompassed an enormous core idea that we all talk around and include in our discussions without having a simple, clear term of art for it. In the industrial age, mass production by firms exploited the economies of [...]

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