• Energy efficiency catching on in Russia

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    Russian Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov says about one third of all energy used in Russia is either wasted or used inefficiently. He now proposes extensive energy-saving measures.
    The premier says the energy demands of the Russian GDP are almost two times higher than the world average. He now calls for the introduction of new technology on energy saving, as well as the increased use of alternative energy. He also believes in the introduction of small energy-efficient generation units.

    -In addition, the existing energy resouces – oil, electricity and gas – must be spent rationally, he underlined. Speaking at a government meeting today, Mr. Zubkov said the construction and industry sectors account for 30 percent of the badly-spent energy, while the housing sector accounts for about 25 percent and the transport and agriculture sectors for 10 percent.

    The premier said he believes Russia can save up to 45 percent of its current energy consumption if the right measures are taken.


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