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    Peace through appropriate technology

    by  • March 28, 2007 • Hexayurt • 0 Comments

    Palestinian sewage dyke collapses burying people in shit. Turns out their sewage processing infrastructure was overloaded by overcrowding and they started storing it in lagoons. Aid officials said plans to build a larger waste treatment facility had been held up for years by perpetual fighting in the area. [...] The Gaza City mayor blamed the [...]

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    Bruce Sterling on social change and the hazards of being an early adopter and incidentally on Ning

    by  • March 26, 2007 • Personal, Trivia and Media • 0 Comments

    Bruce Sterling on Ning How many &&^$$@%^&$ times in my life have I been through this early-adapter shuffle? The opportunity costs, the cognitive loading… the *pain* of all that…. I just now bothered to blog-embed a *&^%&%$ youtube video, and now look at THIS. Pesky Scoble! He’s like one geek with a damn camera! There [...]

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    Gizmo Project – Open source VOIP with a good service package – and how to answer 775 calls incoming

    by  • March 23, 2007 • Cool Tools • 3 Comments

    The Gizmo Project is a rather good open source based alternative to Skype. They will give you a free 775 area code number which you can get calls inbound from for free. Yeah. Free US area code inbound phonecalls, and two cents a minute outbound. However, there’s a problem. YOU CAN’T ANSWER THE DAMN PHONECALLS. [...]

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