• Hobbits. I wonder if they’ve found the fat one yet.

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    Remember those “hobbit” skeletons?

    Yup, it was a human subspecies

    Here’s my question. If birds who’ve never seen an eagle’s shadow still know to panic, that suggests that some kinds of threat identification stuff can be genetically hardwired.

    What if that extends to things other than threats? Like, say, food sources…

    Or, you know, just weird stuff that was around at the time. It’s unlikely that we these guys ever had enough evolutionary impact on us to get wired into our DNA as either friend or foe, but it’s an amusing thought that, if they *had* seriously interacted with us over a long period, we might have been “remembering” them at a genetic level, in the same way that we “remember” snakes…

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    Vinay Gupta is a consultant on disaster relief and risk management.


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