• Breaking Conceptual Logjams

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    Two or three times this year I’ve stepped into situations where a team had hit an absolute brick wall at a policy, strategy or business level, and half a day or a day later the problem has been cured and the path forwards has been made clear.

    This is not a service that I’ve made a formal offering on until now. I guess I’ve done it from time to time through my career, but I’d never really thought of peeling it off and making it available stand-alone to people who’s companies or projects are having those kinds of blocks, outside of my own projects.

    Part of the work we’ve been doing behind the scenes at the Institute for Collapsonomics is radically re-examining what we knew about working together in teams, both at practical levels around brand management, equity, intellectual property and cashflow management and at the more profound level of allegiance, affiliation, cooperation and mutalism. We are rather a collection of goats and that has required us to really focus on our deepest ideas about how a 21st century consultancy should function. We are going our own ways together: it is more of a convoy than a company, and I think as we publish more you will see the advantages of this kind of thinking in terms of diversity and depth of domain-specific knowledge.

    One of the things which has come out of that process for me is a focus on what I actually do aside from my core “think about the future, identify what should be done, do it excellently” lifestyle. I realized that the most value I’ve actually added to other people’s projects, in financial terms at least, has been lifting them over logjams, places where they needed an outside force to come in, knock over the bowling pins, and force a re-examination of fundamental goals in light of what had been learned in progress to date.

    So I’m peeling that skill off and offering it to you unbundled from my futures consulting, policy planning and preparedness practice, open hardware design skills or anything else I do. You want your logjams busted, I’ll come talk to you.

    Write me an email when you need my help.

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    Vinay Gupta is a consultant on disaster relief and risk management.


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