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    The Open Toolbox for Domestic Disaster Response

    The Open Toolbox is our new brand. It’s a consulting company which is focussed on getting open source appropriate technology (OSAT) into commercial supply chains, using a “Red Hat” approach – consulting, custom engineering, service contracts, and all the other stuff that companies and governments need to have in order to buy an open source solution to their problems.

    We’ll start with Hexayurts – it’s what we know best – but more to come. Check out the press release to discover more about the venture.

    We hope that this will grow rapidly. There’s a ton of amazing technology out there, from incredibly simple systems like SODIS through to the entire Open Farm Tech line of tractors, and brick machines and bioplastic factories. Scaling things globally is very, very different to inventing them, as I’ve found with the Hexayurt, and I hope that my lessons-learned can inform the work of the company and help other people over the hurdles that we’ve seen so far.

    Enjoy the paper, and more as we continue to make the picture clearer and more high res.

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    Vinay Gupta is a consultant on disaster relief and risk management.


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