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    The Biz.GuptaOption.Com site is now open for business.

    Anybody interested in commercializing my work, or meeting those others who are interested in commercializing my work, please drop me an email. The site is private, for the moment, although I will discuss opening it up fully with the key players once the site is up and running. There is a wiki, a forum, and there will be a mailing list if there is demand for one, plus the usual tools.

    But the key to this is the community: there’s much to do here, from ultratechnology CheapID which may enable companies like VISA to issue credit cards to tribesmen, through to the humble Hexayurt and associated infrastructure, with a ton of unexplored territory in infrastructure, in resilience training, and in a dozen other areas.

    The one common denominator in this work is that I am a bastard to deal with. I, myself, have foregone wealth, physical comfort, years of time I could have spent doing other things, any number of not-quite-right business deals and many other thing to give my work away to the public in a series of websites and public domain works.

    I take this “free science and technology in the global public interest” thing seriously. Money can be made, indeed, it must be, but my ability to compromise with the ethical and social demands of the conventional business environment is minimal. Some 30 million people a year are dying of poverty right now, and anybody sitting on top of a pile of money greater than it would take to finance their own heart transplant out of their own pocket is murdering people by inaction every single day. So, yes, there is money to be made, but the existing order is murderous and I expect anybody who doesn’t understand that implicitly to have a very hard time dealing with me because I have dedicated my life to doing something about this and the natural tension between those who want to accumulate, and those who want to save is very, very strong around me.

    From the intro message:

    Whatever Happens We Have You Covered

    I really want you to think about this phrase. It came to me today as the essence of my work – an unconditional guarantee of safety from inclement weather, bad circumstances, and maybe even evil people. It’s about knowing where you stand, who you are working with, and what is at stake in the terribly safety critical environment of real life.

    Roughly 30 million a year die from poverty. That’s a high number – FAO quotes 36 million as “malnutrition-related” but their definition is very lax. For sure, without a doubt, at least 5m go down from problems related to clean water and indoor air quality and the lack-of-appropriate-shelter deaths are hard to count, but this world has an awful lot of doorways, and an awful lot of people losing their resilience sleeping in them.

    Worse, we’re in a position where we all know that a financial landslide could topple the global economic order and, worse, the global infrastructure provision systems. If you can’t haul diesel or turbine parts, you can’t power vehicles or generate electricity. In the very wealthiest countries it is unlikely to result in blacked-out cities, but places like Mexico City could very quickly lose their stable access to electricity affecting tens of millions of people – pushed from a nearly first world standard of living back into developing world conditions.
    I don’t know if that will happen, but I know that it might.

    The question is how far, how fast, and what will be affected. This is a gradient – light scenarios result in small changes, heavy scenarios clean the board. These people have money and they will fight falling back into poverty as their lives are affected, possibly infrastructure first. They are a market which needs access to the kinds of machines we can build to stay afloat.

    You know the shelter story or you would not be here. That is very urgent too, but technologically much simpler than the infrastructure systems. It’s also much closer to market. But, as we really get started on what could be 10 years of catastrophic collapse in some areas of the world let’s try and keep one eye on the infrastructure side of this so that, when it is time to move, we can lay down the law there too. http://smallisprofitable.org needs an implementation team, and the time is right or very nearly so.

    PS: Note to the wider community. If you’re among my friends, and you want to come and see who’s around and maybe pick up partners and funding for your own projects, come on in. Keep it reasonable, keep it real, and we’ll grow an empire together, ok? You get rich first, you hire me :)

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    Vinay Gupta is a consultant on disaster relief and risk management.


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