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    So leashless is my new site. It’s about freedom. There is a corresponding new leashless blog and new twitter.

    I’m going to stop posting a lot of stuff here over time. The Hexayurt was invented in 2002, and it’s very close to being at the point where it’s beyond me to push it further into the world than the people who’re getting interested in the project now can take it. The work on infrastructure and politics themselves – the core topics of the leashless manifesto – have the juicy unsolved problems.

    It’s a hut. Cardboard, plastic, wood, you can make it out of anything. With tape or hinges or just bolts and screws. With tarps or paint or rolled roofing, or nothing at all, it becomes waterproof. With reflectex it becomes warm. Add little appliances and utilities to taste.

    The reason that, seven years after inventing the Hexayurt, not a single one has been deployed in a real crisis is because innovation not driven by substantial capital has a hard time penetrating the bureaucratic obstacles presented by established NGOs to protect their beneficiaries. But people other than me are engaging with those issues, and my focus has shifted to the infrastructure around the building, and the politics around the infrastructure, the building, and the problem itself.

    Here’s the “stack”






    I’ve done a ton of work on technology, and now I’m beginning to feel the pull towards politics. Bottom line is that we need to do a lot better than we’ve been doing at allocating planetary resources where they are needed, at taking care of people and the world’s problems. I’ve pushed on the technical side hard enough to know that it is all possible but I’ve also discovered that without a fundamental change in our perception of what is important, even though it is possible it is not going to get done.

    leashless is the start of a new phase, where I’m willing to step beyond Buckminster Fuller’s admonitions to stay out of politics, and into Gandhi’s universe of politics and spirituality as a single act.

    I am leashless. Are you?

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    Vinay Gupta is a consultant on disaster relief and risk management.


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