• iPhone applications for disaster relief (or at least awareness)

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    Feel that earthquake today, SoCal? In California, we know how to roll — and how to shake and rattle, too. We’ve got five iPhone applications to help you get the details when your nerves are shaken by a quake — or to check in with that nutty West Coast relative as you sit safely tucked away in hurricane country.

    The LA Times on iPhone apps for earthquakes

    When the ground stops rumbling and the car alarms start screeching, we tend to grab our phones. For many of you, that happens to be an iPhone. So we’re weighing in with a special edition of Appiphilia to give you four apps that might assist you in an emergency situation.

    The LA Times on iPhone apps for disasters

    Note the first aid applications in the second piece.

    Compare to the hexayurt mass evacuation plan which is visualized as using a phone app, or the phone based health insurance for $10 a year plan. The technology is catching up to the vision!

    Very exciting!

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    Vinay Gupta is a consultant on disaster relief and risk management.


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