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    If we conduct military operations on your soil and we don’t feel the need to tell your government about it beforehand (e.g., Somalia, Pakistan), you’re in the Gap.

    Barnett on core and gap.

    Other good bits from his blog of late:

    Chinese peacekeepers in the Sudan


    Cheap chinese equipment changing lives in Africa


    China “toxic for African freedom”


    The AFRICOM mission


    Regional poverty maps


    (compare with the GDP density maps here)


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    Vinay Gupta is a consultant on disaster relief and risk management.


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    1. April 7, 2010 at 3:00 pm

      Eah time you touch on the Iraq Invasion your coherent argument on the War on Terror collapses!I mean in your book: THE PENTAGON,S NEW MAP.
      I have sufferred at the hands of Osama bin far longer than the families of the victims of 9/11 .
      Two villains have been behind this horrendous brutalization:Bin Laden& Mr. Tony Blair.
      Britain belongs right to your so called “functioning core”,while A-lQaida operates in the “Gap”
      In Turkey Mr. Blair took the fight against me to new levels by delibrately supporting Al-Qaida exactly at the time he was fighting his supporting war in Iraq and helping Mr. Bush.
      Exporting security and economic globlization do not fit in with what both the former American and British Adminstrations were doing.
      Not even defending American land ,interests and security.Mr. Bush,s first ally turne out to be the stronger adherent of Al-Qaida when it comes to the push.
      Mr. U-Thant of the UN once observed in 1969: Of the nations of the globe,the English are more inclined for blood letting.
      Personally,I believe that no body will ever trump their British Protestant brutality!!

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