• Global Swadeshi is beginning to cook!

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    Keyhole Gardening gets a solid thread going. I’m particularly interested in the way that five or six people put in a few minutes each and we wound up, at the end of the day, with a decent amount of information on something that otherwise most of us wouldn’t have known about.

    I think there’s a lot to that local “information processing collective” where things do get expanded to the degree they are interesting. I hope that for the really good stuff we’ll take the next step and do a proper write-up for Appropedia and, you know, field testing and stuff.

    Keyhole gardening, basically, is raised bed gardening with a pit in the middle where you can add water and nutrients – an in-bed compost pile. Great, great idea.

    I’m also imagining one could prepare such a bed, and use it to compost human sewage, then come back a year or so later when it’s well cooked, and farm in it. Need real science to make sure it’s safe, but that’s what universities are for, right?

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