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    Free Trade v Fair Trade – Sean Gabb

    by  • March 28, 2008 • Personal, The Global Picture • 1 Comment

    http://www.seangabb.co.uk/flcomm/flc135.htm Really rather splendid short speech on free trade vs. fair trade vs. the current systems we have in place. I have a somewhat different parameterization of the problem (see Gupta’s Libertarian Observation – “free people create free markets, but free markets do not necessarily create free people”) but I think I agree with this. [...]

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    Preserving culture… with DRM

    by  • March 27, 2008 • Trivia and Media • 0 Comments

    “An application that gives fresh new meaning to ‘digital rights management’ has been pioneered by Aboriginal Australians. It relies on a user’s profile to control access to a multimedia archive. The need to create profiles based on a user’s name, age, sex and standing within their community comes from traditions over what can and cannot [...]

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