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    Raised Brow on Hexayurts

    by  • September 20, 2007 • Hexayurt • 4 Comments

    Raised Brow is blogging about Hexayurts. I responded with some expansions. Hi, Vinay here, designer of the Hexayurt. For disaster relief in America, we have a plan. It’s a good plan, according to both the American Red Cross and FEMA. Here’s how it works. You got four things you need to put together when it [...]

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    How young America is

    by  • September 19, 2007 • The Global Picture • 0 Comments

    “We’re new at this,” Weiner continued. “Sixty years is not a lot of time. The Chinese have been at this for 2600 years, the British for 500. And we’re just getting our feet wet, really, in the business of international espionage.” Tim Weiner on the CIA. Haven’t read the book, but that insight is worth [...]

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    My State In A Box – Identity Services Architecture paper is now online!

    by  • September 14, 2007 • Hexayurt, The Global Picture • 0 Comments

    State In A Box – Identity Services Architecture – fifty pages of brain-breaking Gupta-at-his-finest assault on business as usual thinking about biometrics and liberty. From the abstract: State In A Box presents a coherent vision of overhauling the fundamental assumptions made about nation state infrastructure to enable breakthroughs in SSTR functions. The Identity Services Architecture [...]

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    New generation solar technologies report

    by  • September 13, 2007 • The Global Picture • 0 Comments

    If you’re coming from Worldchanging, the post with Alex and I discussing long term prospects for cheap solar, and the likely impacts, is here: http://www.worldchanging.com/archives/000510.html So, there’s basically three or four ways of doing this I’ve been able to track down. There’s the self-assembling paint on or printable panels coming out of New Jersey: Mitra [...]

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    Hexayurt 3D animated gif

    by  • September 9, 2007 • Hexayurt • 0 Comments

    yes, you have to see this: Click on the link to go to an animated GIF of a hexayurt popping out in 3D. It’s rad – I took one of Kevin’s Stereo Pair Images and animated it using Jim Gasperini’s Animated Gif 3D tecnique (slightly NSFW) and, well, it rocks Isn’t that just rad?

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    State of the Art in Appropriate Technology

    by  • September 8, 2007 • Hexayurt • 3 Comments

    (from an email) I think that there are maybe four dozen plausible solar cooker designs, tops, of which three or four are head and shoulders above the rest and have become standards. They’ve been shaking this stuff out for 30 years. Doesn’t mean there isn’t room for innovation, but the field is much, much smaller [...]

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    Over on GuptaOption.com

    by  • September 8, 2007 • The Global Picture • 0 Comments

    Winning the Long Peace – the future of the nation state in the age of disaggregation. America has to choose one of three paths: surrender our position of military preeminence, or continue to maintain it with no mandate from global citizenry and wind up surrounded by enemies, or find a way to legitimize that position [...]

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    Bothering Barnett again

    by  • September 8, 2007 • The Global Picture • 2 Comments

    A long comment about Islam and terrorism and the rest of it. What on *earth* did you say to get the Other Barnett so riled up. Goodness gracious! I’m a Hindu. I’m pretty much equally dazed and confused by all of the Monotheisms. This “I’M RIGHT YOU’RE WRONG” thinking about religion is quintessentially Un-American. This [...]

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