• “The Last Mimzy” – What is that symbol? It’s the Sri Yantra, symbol of the Goddess Lalita in Hinduism

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    “The Last Mimzy” (official site, quick links to the trailers) is a new science fiction movie for children based on a short story by Lewis Padgett. All the way through the trailers we see a symbol flashed over and over again whenever things enter and leave reality.

    You can just see the outline of the symbol here:

    Picture 8-1

    The children dream it.

    Picture 9-1

    Then they draw it, over and over again.

    (The Indians have a name for the practice of drawing sacred symbols like the Shri Yantra over and over again. We call it Yantra Yoga.)
    Picture 10-1

    Now you can see the symbol fully – one drawn by the children, beside one drawn by a Hindu artist and published in a book.

    Picture 11-1

    Here you can see another traditional drawing of the Sri Yantra.

    Picture 15

    In the Hindu tradition the Sri Yantra is the “Respected Drawing” – Sri means Respected, and Yantra means something like drawing, or perhaps “flag” or “insignia” or even “logo.”

    The Sri Yantra is the symbol of a Goddess. Hindus believe that God takes many forms, both male and female, and these forms are like individual people. You might be familiar with the Roman or Greek gods, figures like Apollo or Zeus or Hera or Artermis. Or you might know the Norse gods of the Viking and other Nordic cultures, like Thor and Freya. The Divine Family of the Hindu gods is rather like that, but we have a system of exercises called Yoga. In our belief, those who practice Yoga – not just the physical postures, but also meditation – can become aware that everything around them is god’s will, is the creation of god. Once people realize this deep in their hearts, they can do anything.

    In our stories, some of the Hindu gods themselves studied yoga in order to become good, wise gods. We say that people who study Yoga become good, wise people.

    Picture 14
    In the movie it looks like the children gain magic powers from their association with the Sri Yantra and the beings who send it to them. It is not, unfortunately, very likely that this will happen to you.

    But you never know…

    Here’s a final picture of the Goddess Lalita herself. You can see she is very wise, loving and welcoming. You can see her symbol, the Shri Yantra, under her chair. Compare it to the one below:

    Picture 13-1

    So that’s the symbol that you can see in The Last Mimzy, and a little bit about what it means. I hope you enjoyed the movie!

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