• I found Freezing Man – Þjóhátíð / Thjodhatid

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    Basically, it’s this insanely great and very historic (134 years!) festival on the Westman Islands in Iceland.

    Here’s a nighttime shot.


    And here’s a daytime one.

    Dayscape 1

    Note all the white tents. They serve a very similar function to theme camps, but each one holds about a dozen people, so it’s lots of small microclimates with different cool things going on – lots of acoustic music, food, drink, and merriness.

    There is also art.

    Art Lighthouse

    About 10,000 people come, and the atmosphere is more like Burning Man than anything I can imagine – chaos, creativity, community. I think some cross-fertilization from Burners would really, really rock hard.

    Next year – hexayurts for sure!!!

    Click here for some short video clips of the bonfire, the amazing flare ceremony, and the sing-along. There are also a few more pictures. I can’t stress how cool this all was, and the videos really show it much more clearly than the pictures.

    Next year, recommended!

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    One Response to I found Freezing Man – Þjóhátíð / Thjodhatid

    1. lal9
      August 12, 2008 at 7:16 pm

      Freedom rises from the garbage pits of the slums..the future is no darker than the past. More happiness in the yurt slums of Ulan Bator than the palaces of the world’s power possessors. This is how life really works and Neuwirth recognizes this. Nice “Ted” show…

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